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Join Chef Pimpin’s adult Cooking classes and Travel the culinary world from the comfort of your kitchens. With an endless selection of hands-on cooking lessons taught by renowned Tappan Chef Pimpin. Chef’s mouth-watering voyager as she will introduce you to a variety of unique homegrown foods and farming In addition to, Applying all our skill and our aloha to not only have you acquire all the cooking techniques, ingredients, and skill you’ll need in the kitchen but also help with a more efficient and healthy “health is wealth lifestyle’.Chef will teach you the in and outs of farming and the Importance of where your food comes from,  & culture research. 


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Culinarians are required to have knowledge of food science, nutrition, and diet and are responsible for preparing meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate. After restaurants, their primary places of work include delicatessens and relatively large institutions. There are many methods of cooking, most of which have been known since antiquity. These include baking, roasting, frying, grilling, barbecuing, smoking, boiling, steaming and braising.


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