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Chef's Farm to Table Kitchen is now offers private and group cooking classes for up to 15 people. Contact us for more information!

Grilled Fish

Now Offers Culinary Public School Cooking Demos Private Children & Adult Cooking Classes !!! With an endless selection of Recipes and hands-on cooking lessons taught by renowned Tappan chef- Chef Pimpin.Where she will takes you on a Flight into the culinary world of her International Travels from the comfort of your classroom or kitchen. Chef will mouth-watering voyage your taste buds into 3-5 different cultures of foods, that will introduce you to a variety of unique homegrown cuisine. In addition to, Applying all Leaded skills to not only have you acquire all the cooking techniques,  ingredients, and skills you’ll need in the kitchen. Lastly these will also help with a more efficient health is wealth lifestyle’.Chef will teach you the "In's and Out's" of farming and the Importance of where your food comes from

Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich
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Crystal Salt

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