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 What began as a love for traveling developed into a passion for cooking. Indulge your love for great food with a menu inspired by the season featuring flown in Mahi-Mahi and other locally sourced products straight from Hawaii. With entrees cooked to perfection masterfully prepared by Chef Pimpin, Kawai’s menu draws inspiration from the traditional Hawaiian culture in conjunction with being committed to taking care of our guests. Kawaii Mahi-Mahi Executive Catering is devoted to the “Aloha Soul Spirit”, And it’s history of always uniting the people of the town in celebration of significant life events over food. Awaken your  “Aloha”  Inside while You enjoy classic comfort food and classic Hawaiian island vibe favorites. Rest at ease knowing Chef Pimpin is here to handle all your party needs with her years of experience, She can execute every event flawlessly with 10+ years in the food and hospitality industry around the world. Kawai’s Mahi-Mahi Catering purpose is to Generously Provide “‘Ohana vibes” & New flavor combinations designated to delight you for any occasion always served nice and hot So all your guest(s) need to do is show up and eat. 

With A Menu Inspired By
The Seasons


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